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Red-White Prison - Legacy | Channel Mengucci

This Red-White deck has ALL the 3-mana red beatdown creatures, from Rabblemaster to Warboss to even Najeela. ChannelFireball.com is your premier source ...

2019-05-18 30:00 26,036

Douglas Tompkins: Wild Legacy

Douglas Tompkins was a world-renowned adventurer, entrepreneur, and conservationist. Co-founder of The North Face and Esprit, Doug spent the first half of ...

2016-07-08 15:52 44,158

Grixis Control in Modern! - May 19th, 2019

Starting out pretty good, having a pretty rough go afterwards. https://www.patreon.com/Gods_Shadow.

2019-05-19 36:22 1,038

Modern Horizons Spoilers - Part 1

It's May 19th so you know what that means. Time for the first batch of spoilers from Modern Horizons. Prepare to be disappointed and confused. Support me on ...

2019-05-20 19:24 16,039

Modern Horizons Spoilers - Part 4 - NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooo!!! You have to be kidding me! They didn't just add a second toxic archetype to this already terrible set. What were they thinking?! Support me on Patreon ...

2019-05-23 17:17 17,641