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Anna Bl

Anna Blue- Silent Scream (Official Music)

Get the song on itunes http://apple.co/2p2ospC , Play http://bit.ly/2pdpEpH ,spotify http://spoti.fi/2biIvpL and amazon http://amzn.to/2pdt0ZF Also available on ...

2015-08-07 03:41 49,275,216

Anna Blue - So Alone (Official Music)

Official Anna Blue music video for "So Alone". Get the single on itunes http://apple.co/2aFzUBL , Google Play: http://bit.ly/1UVFjSl. You can also stream this on ...

2011-04-29 02:26 21,940,303

Anna BL

2014-08-13 01:23 41

Aftenshowet på DR1 om eksamensangst med bl.a. Anna Stelvig

Louise Wolff interviewer studerende der har haft eksamensangst og Anna Stelvig giver gode råd. Sendt d. 20. maj 2014.

2014-05-20 12:41 4,737

Bl Anna Maria Taigi: Wife, Mother, & Mystic ~ The Correct Order

St. Ephrem speaking about Our Lady, said: “The Belly [i.e., the womb] of Thy Mother changed the order of things, O Thou that orderest all! The rich went in, He ...

2019-01-15 18:21 13,698