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Laptop Dj

How to DJ with a Laptop in 5 MINUTES + GIVEAWAY

Ever wanted to DJ, but don't have DJ equipment to do it? Well, you've come to the right video. In this lesson, I'll teach you how to DJ/mix music with just your Laptop. ___ DJ GEAR I USE:...

2018-01-12 06:20 10,850

How To DJ With A Laptop

As a beginner you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started djing. Check out how you can start to dj with just a laptop with this dj setup for beginners. ▽▽▽Check Prices..

2016-01-06 11:02 504,354

Learn How To DJ Mix In 6 Minutes Using Only Your PC (Beginners)

To learn how to produce music, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h63-qDgBHyw This is a video to show you within only 6 minutes how to DJ mix using only your PC and without paying...

2011-12-24 05:55 1,310,520

Laptop Dj Megamix vol. 1.

A 5-minutes long trailer for the Laptop Dj TV Show's 2nd season. Filmed in Holland, Hungary, Jordan, Spain (Ibiza), and Switzerland. The mix includes 29 tracks in 5 minutes, providing consta

2007-08-21 05:16 27,538

DJ Tips | How to setup your DJ Laptop

http://www.facebook.com/jldjuk http://lightheadsw.com/caffeine/

2017-01-17 05:00 140,908