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Sense And Sensibility

The Jane Austen classic tells the story of two sisters, one pragmatic, the other overly emotional. They both fall in love with men who they learn are promised to ...

2013-12-12 16:14 0

(30 languages) David Icke Dot Connector EP 4

A speech in 1969 by Dr. Richard Day about coming changes in the world has turned out to be very prophetic. Likewise have been the novels "1984" by George ...

2014-03-06 57:17 11,253

Our Miss Brooks: Deacon Jones / Bye Bye / Planning a Trip to Europe / Non-Fraternization Policy

Our Miss Brooks is an American situation comedy starring Eve Arden as a sardonic high school English teacher. It began as a radio show broadcast from 1948 ...

2012-10-31 53:17 72,277

The Great Gildersleeve: Leroy's School Play / Tom Sawyer Raft / Fiscal Report Due

Premiering on August 31, 1941, The Great Gildersleeve moved the title character from the McGees' Wistful Vista to Summerfield, where Gildersleeve now ...

2012-10-01 29:30 88,718