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I React to Your Fan Questions!

Every day I am asked a wide variety of questions, today I take a look at a few of them and provide the answers we've all been waiting for. Please SUBSCRIBE!

2019-05-02 13:48 188,690

Revisiting Domino's Pepperoni Pan Pizza

I just realized that the last time I reviewed Domino's was nearly 2 years ago! I decided to revisit them and see how they are holding up over the years - are they ...

2019-05-14 10:04 244,131

Sonic's NEW BBLT Sandwich Review (BLT With Extra Bacon!)

Finishing the week I try the new BBLT Sandwich from Sonic. Standing for Bacon Bacon Lettuce Tomato, this sandwich is supposed to have 'tons' of bacon!

2019-04-05 12:18 104,860

Little Caesars NEW Bacon Wrapped Deep Deep Dish Pizza Review

Today I review the newly released Bacon Wrapped Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza from Little Caesars. Please SUBSCRIBE! ▻ http://bit.ly/2f3eGzy My VORW ...

2019-04-01 12:38 420,869

Rally Košice 2013

Rally Košice 2013, Kassa Rally 2013.

2013-09-10 08:18 662